2007 - Volume CV (v.105)


The American Ophthalmological Society 2007


An Evaluation Of How Glaucoma Patients Use Topical Medications

Tony Tsai MD, Alan L. Robin MD*, and Judson Smith III MD

Customizing Selection Of IOL Asphericity Based On Pre-Existing Corneal Hoas

Douglas D. Koch MD*, and Li Wang MD PhD

Chromosome 3 Analysis Of Uveal Melanoma Using Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy At The Time Of Plaque Radiotherapy In 140 Consecutive Cases

Carol L. Shields MD*, Arupa Ganguly PhD, Miguel A. Materin MD, Luiz Teixeira MD, and Jerry A. Shields MD

An Alternative Explanation For Observed Mortality Rates Due To Metastasis After Treatment Of Choroidal Melanomas Of Different Sizes

James J. Augsburger MD*, Zélia M. Corrêa MD, and Nikolaos Trichopoulos MD

Primary Acquired Melanosis Of The Conjunctiva In 311 Eyes

Jerry A. Shields MD,* Carol L. Shields MD, Arman Mashayekhi MD, Brian P. Marr MD, Raquel Benavides MD, Archana Thangappan MD, Laura Phan BS, AND Ralph C. Eagle Jr MD

Plus Disease In Retinopathy Of Prematurity: An Analysis Of Diganositc Performance

Michael F. Chiang MD*, Rony Gelman Ms, Lei Jiang BA, M. Elena Martinez-Perez PhD, Yunling E. Du PhD, and John T. Flynn MD

An Age-Based Method For Planning Sclerotomy Placement During Pediatric Vitrectomy: A Twelve Year Experience

Craig A. Lemley MD*, and Dennis P. Han MD

Human HtrA1 In The Eyes With Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Chi-Chao Chan MD*, Defen Shen PhD, Min Zhou MD, Robert I. Ross BS, W. Richard Green MD, and Zingsheng Tuo PhD

Quantitative Evaluation Of Anterior Segment Parameters In The Era Of Imaging

Syril Dorairaj MD*, Jeffrey M. Liebmann MD, and Robert Ritch MD

Machine Learning Classifiers Are Able To Detect Visual Field Defects In Eyes Of Hiv Subjects

Igor Kozak MD, Pamela A. Sample PhD, Jiucang Hao MS, William R. Freeman MD, Robert N. Weinreb MD, Te-Won Lee PhD, and Michael H. Goldbaum MD*

Coronal And Transverse Plane Imaging Of Macular Holes And Macular Pucker With Combined Slo-Oct

Jerry Sebag MD FRCOphth*, Priya Gupta MD, Patricia Garcia MD, Richard R. Rosen MD, and Alfredo A. Sadun MD PhD

Computer Based Primary Visual Cortex Training For Treatment Of Low Myopia And Early Presbyopia

Daniel S. Durrie MD* and Peter Shaw McMinn OD

Giant Cell Arteritis...Suddenly

Brian R. Younge MD* , Cornelia M. Weyand MD PhD, and Jorg J. Goronzy MD PhD

Association Between Thyroid-Stimulating Immunoglobulin Levels And Ocular Findings In Pediatric Patients With Graves Disease

Olga Acuna MD, and Ioanna Athannassaki MD and Evelyn A. Paysse MD*

Acquired Ocular Motor Apraxia After Aortic Surgery

Robert D. Yee MD*, and And Valerie A. Pruvin MD

The Goal Of Value-Based Medicine Analyses: Comparability. The Case For Neovascular Macular Degeneration

Gary C. Brown MD MBA*, Melissa M. Brown MD, Heidi C. Brown MBA, Sylvia Kindermann BA, and Sanjay Sharma MD MSC MBA

Fundus Autofluorescence Of Choroidal Melanocytic Lesions And The Effect Of Treatment

Kaan Gunduz MD*, Jose S. Pulido MD, Sophie J. Bakri MD, Luis Amselem MD, Elisabeth Petit-Fond BS, and Thomas Link Cra

Keratocyte And Subbasal Nerve Density After Penetrating Keratoplasty

Sanjay V. Patel MD*, Jay C. Erie MD, Jay W. Mclaren PhD, and William M. Bourne MD

Improving The Risk-Benefit Relationship And Informed Consent For Patients Treated With Hydroxychloroquine

Allan J. Flach MD PharMD*

The Effect Of Internal Limiting Membrane Removal And Indocyanine Green On The Success Of Macular Hole Surgery

John T. Thompson MD*

Central Corneal Opacification Resulting From Recent Chemotherapy In Corneal Donors

Woodford S. Van Meter MD*

How Effectively Does Medical Care Achieve Its Purposes? Evaluation Of Peer-Reviewed Literature In Ophthalmology Related To Wellness

George L. Spaeth MD*, Daniela S. Monteiro de Barros MD, Moataz Gheith MD, Ghada Ali Siam MD, and Mehul Nagarsheth MS-III

Aqueous Humor Dynamics In Monkeys In Response To The Kappa Opioid Agonist Bremazocine

Carol A. Rasmussen BA, B'Ann True Gabelt MS, and Paul L. Kaufman MD*

Customized Topographically-Guided Lasik Treatment Of Myopic Astigmatism

George Waring MD,* Paul J. Dougherty MD, Arturo Chayet MD, Jeffery Fischer MD, Barbara Fant PharmD, Gary Stevens PhD, AND Harkaran S. Bains

Poster Abstracts

Ophthalmology And The History Of Penicillin: A Tale Of Four Cities

John D. Bullock MD MPH MSC*

The Relationship Between Combined Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography Findings And Light Microscopic Findings In Cases Of Choroidal Melanoma

Lisa J. Faia MD*, Jose S. Pulido MD MS MPH MBA, Mark J. Donaldson MBBS (Hons), Diva R. Salomao MD, J. Dougnas Cameron MD, Brian Mullan MD, and Kaan Gunduz MD

The Incidence Of Central Serous Chorioretinaopathy In Olmsted County, Minnesota, From 1980-2002

Anna S. Kitzmann MD*, Jose S. Pulido MD MS MPH MBA, Nancy N. Diehl BS, David O. Hodge MS, and James P. Burke PhD

Comparison Of Angled And Straight Iris Hooks

John C. Merriam MD*, Adrian Brugger MD, and Lei Zheng MD

Initial Studies Of The Use Of Ocular Vibroacoustography

Jose S. Pulido MD MS MPH MBA*, Randall R. Kinnick, Cheryl Hann, James F, and Greefleaf PhD

Evidence For Corneal Glutamate Receptor Expression And Function

Scott Shippy PhD*, Jose S. Pulido MD MS MPH MBA, Haohau Qian PhD, J. Daniel Nelson MD, M. J. Lu MS, and Jay C. Erie MD

Nodular Degeneration

Thomas O. Wood MD*, Ellen E. Williams MBA, Danielle L. Hamilton, and Bryan L. Williams PhD


Monocular Diplopia Due To Sphero-Cylindrical Refractive Errors

Steven M. Archer MD

Dissociated Horizontal Deviation: Clinical Spectrum, Pathogenesis, Evolutionary Underpinnings, Diagnosis, Treatment, And Potential Role In The Development Of Infantile Esotropia

Michael C. Brodsky MD

Hanging By A Thread - The Long Term Efficacy And Safety Of Trans-Scleral Sutured Intraocular Lenses In Children

Edward G. Buckley MD

Sources Of Binocular Suprathreshold Visual Field Loss In A Cohort Of Older Women Being Followed For Risk Of Falls

Anne Louise Coleman MD PhD

Comparison Of Topical Interleukin-1 (IL-1) Versus Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha (TNF-A) Blockade With Corticosteroid Therapy On Murine Corneal Inflammation, Neovascularization, And Transplant Survival

Reza Dana MD MPH MSC

A Reconsideration Of Anterior Chamber Flare And Its Clinical Relevance For Children With Chronic Anterior Uveitis

Gary N. Holland MD

Suppression Of Keratoepithelin And Myocilin By Small Interfering RNA

Andrew JW Huang MD MPH

Mechanisms Of Retinal Ganglion Specific-Cell Death In Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy

Leonard Levin MD PhD

A Prospective Study Of Cavernous Sinus Surgery For Meningiomas And Resultant Common Ophthalmic Complications

Steven Newman MD

Impact Of A Pay-For-Performance Intervention: Financial Analysis Of A Pilot Program Implementation And Implications For Ophthalmology

David W. Parke II MD

Malpractice And The Quality Of Care In Retinopathy Of Prematurity

James D. Reynolds MD

The Graded Levator Hinge Procedure For The Correction Of Upper Eyelid Retraction

Daniel P. Schaefer MD

Preventing Surgical Confusions In Ophthalmology

John W. Simon MD

Endothelial Keratoplasty: Clinical Outcomes In The Two Years Following Deep Lamellar Endothelial Keratoplasty

Mark A. Terry MD

Causing And Curing Infantile Esotropia In Primates: The Role Of De-Correlated Binocular Input

Lawrence Tychsen MD

Computer-Assisted Quantification Of Vascular Tortuosity In Retinopathy Of Prematurity

David K. Wallace MD MPH

Visual Morbidity In Thirty-Four Families With Schnyder Crystalline Corneal Dystrophy

Jayne S. Weiss MD

The Incidence Of Symptomatic Acquired Lacrimal Outflow Obstruction Among Residents Of Olmsted County, Minnesota, 1976-2000

John J. Woog MD

* = Presenter
BOLD = AOS Member