2014 - Volume CXII (v.112)


The American Ophthalmological Society 2014


Retinal Hemorrhage In Abusive Head Trauma: Finding A Common Language
Alex V. Levin MD MHSc, Jose A. Cordovez MD, Benjamin E. Leiby PhD, Edward Pequignot MS, and Anamika Tandon MD FRCSE

An 80-Year Experience With Optic Nerve Glioma Cases At The Armed Forces Institute Of Pathology: Evolution From Museum To Molecular Evaluation Suggests Possible Interventions In The Cellular Senescence And Microglial Pathways
J. Douglas Cameron MD MBA, Fausto J. Rodriguez MD, Elisabeth Rushing MD, Iren Horkayne-Szakaly MD, and Charles Eberhart MD PhD

Thyrotropin Receptor And CD40 Mediate Interleukin-8 Expression In Fibrocytes: Implications For Thyroid-Associated Ophthalmopathy
Raymond S. Douglas MD PhD, Tünde Mester PhD, Anna Ginter MD, and Denise S. Kim MD

Ophthalmic Malpractice And Physician Gender: A Claims Data Analysis
Tamara R. Fountain MD

Carrier Frequency Of CYP1B1 Mutations In The United States
Janey L. Wiggs MD PhD, Anne M. Langgurth MD, and Keri F. Allen MD

Silencing Of Tuberin Enhances Photoreceptor Survival And Function In A Preclinical Model Of Retinitis Pigmentosa
Stephen H. Tsang MD PhD, Lawrence Chan BA, Yi-Ting Tsai MSc, Wen-Hsuan Wu MSc, Chun-Wei Hsu MSc, Jin Yang MD, Joaquin Tosi MD, Katherine J. Wert PhD, Richard J. Davis PhD, and Vinit B. Mahajan MD PhD

Prospective Evaluation Of Subretinal Vessel Location In Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy (PCV) And Response Of Hemorrhagic And Exudative PCV To High-Dose Antiangiogenic Therapy
Gregg T. Kokame, MD, MMM

Steroid Differentiation: The Safety Profile Of Various Steroids On Retinal Cells In Vitro And Their Implications For Clinical Use
Baruch D. Kuppermann MD, PhD, Leandro Cabral Zacharias MD, and M. Cristina Kenney MD, PhD

Retinal Pigment Epithelial Tears In The Era Of Intravitreal Pharmacotherapy: Risk Factors, Pathogenesis, Prognosis And Treatment
David Sarraf MD, Anthony Joseph MD, and Ehsan Rahimy MD

Optical Coherence Tomographic And Visual Results At Six Months After Transitioning To Aflibercept For Patients On Prior Ranibizumab Or Bevacizumab Treatment For Exudative Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Clement K. Chan MD, Atul Jain MD, Srinivas Sadda MD, and Neeta Varshney MD

In Vitro Studies On The Antimicrobial Peptide Human Beta-Defensin 9 (HBD9): Signalling Pathways And Pathogen-Related Response
Harminder S. Dua MBBS MD PhD, Ahmad Muneer Otri MD PhD, Andrew Hopkinson PhD, and Imran Mohammed PhD