2009 - Volume CVII (v.107)


The American Ophthalmological Society 2009


Spectral-Domain OCT and Hydroxychloroquine Retinal Toxicity
Kimberly E. Stepien MD*, Dennis P. Han MD , Jonathan Schell MD, Pooja Godara MD, Jungtae Rha PhD, and Joseph Carroll PhD

Vitreo-Papillary Adhesion in Macular Diseases
J. Sebag MD FRCOphth* , Michelle Y. Wang MD, Dieuthu Nguyen MD, and Alfredo A. Sadun MD PhD

Plus Disease in ROP - Quantification by ROPTOOL
David K. Wallace MD MPH* , Sharon F. Freedman MD, and Zheen Zhao PhD

Mysteries of Surgically Reattached Retinas
Charles Patton Wilkinson MD*

Mini Drug Pump For Ophthalmic Use
Saloomeh Saati MD, Ronalee Lo PhD, Po-Ying Li PhD, Ellis Meng PhD, Rohit Varma MD MPH, and Mark S. Humayun MD PhD*

Inferior Oblique Surgery for Restrictive Strabismus in Thyroid Ophthalmopathy
Steven A. Newman MD*

Wright Mini-Tenotomy to Correct Diplopia Associated with Small Angle Strabismus
Kenneth W. Wright MD*

Strabismus Treatment with Bupivicaine and Botulimun Toxin Injections
Alan B. Scott MD* , Joel M. Miller PhD, and Kevin R. Shieh BS

Binocular Function In Pseudophakic Children
Malcolm R. Ing MD*

Eye Growth and Implications for Multifocal IOL Implantation
M. Edward Wilson MD* , Rupal H. Trivedi MD MSCR, and Berdine M. Burger MD

Outcomes of Newer and Older Glaucoma Surgery
Sameh Mosaed MD*, Laurie Dustin MS, and Don S. Minckler MD MS

Glaucomatous Visual Field Loss Identified with Independent Component Analysis
Michael H. Goldbaum MD* , Gil-Jin Jang PhD, Chris Bowd PhD, Jiucang Hao PhD, Linda M. Zangwill PhD, Jeffrey Liebmann MD, Christopher Girkin MD, Tzyy-Ping Jung PhD, Robert N. Weinreb MD , and Pamela A. Sample PhD

AGE Crosslink Breaker Alagebrium in Anterior Segment Physiology and Morphology
Julie A. Kiland MS, B'Ann T. Gabelt MS, Gülgün Tezel MD, Elke Lütjen-Drecoll MD, and Paul L. Kaufman MD*

Thioredoxins 1 and 2 Protection from Retinal Ganglion Cell Stress
Joseph Caprioli MD* , Yasunari Munemasa MD, Jacky M. K. Kwong PhD, and Natik Piri PhD

Predicting and Improving Outcomes of SLT Glaucoma Therapy
Jorge A. Alvarado MD* , Rumiko Iguchi MS, Richard Juster PhD, Julie A. Chen MD, and Amde Selassie Shifera MD PhD

Complications and Endothelial Survival with Pre-Cut Tissue and Surgeon Cut in DSAEK
Mark A. Terry, MD

Root Cause Analysis of 2004-06 Fusarium Keratitis Epidemic
John D. Bullock, MD

Physician Survey of Treatment for Moderate to Severe Dry Eye
Penny A. Asbell MD MBA* and Scott Spiegel PhD

Hydroxypropyl Cellulose Ophthalmic Inserts for Dry Eye Sydrome, and Quality of Life
Marguerite McDonald MD* , Gerard D'Aversa MD, Henry D. Perry MD, John R. Wittpenn MD, Eric D. Donnenfeld MD, and Donald S. Nelinson PhD

Infiltrative Tregulatory Cells In Enucleated Uveal Melanomas
Evan Lagouros BA, Diva Salomao MD, Erik Thorland PhD, David O. Hodge MS, Richard Vile PhD, and Jose S. Pulido MD MS MPH MBA*

Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy Of Conjunctival Lymphangiectasia:
Frederick W. Fraunfelder MD

Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome: Pathophysiology, Prevention And Treatment
Allan J. Flach MD PharmD*

Long-term Safety and Outcomes of Transscleral Sutured Posterior Chamber IOLs
Jennifer Marie Nottage MD*, Vikram Bhasin MS, and Verinder S. Nirankari MD


Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography in Glaucoma (An AOS Thesis)
Teresa C. Chen MD

Keratoconus, Normal Tension Glaucoma , and Corneal Hysteresis (An AOS Thesis)
Elisabeth J. Cohen MD

Refractive Outcomes Of Three-Port Lens-Sparing Vitrectomy For Retinopathy Of Prematurity (An AOS Thesis)
Eric R. Holz MD

Visual Acuity Assessment with Snellen and ETDRS Charts (An AOS Thesis)
Peter K. Kaiser MD

The Ahmed Glaucoma Valve In Neovascular Glaucoma (An AOS Thesis)
Peter A. Netland MD PhD

Gene Transcription Profile Of The Detached Retina (An AOS Thesis)
David N. Zacks MD PhD

* = Presenter
BOLD = AOS Member