Charitable, Educational, and Scientific Trust Fund (CES)

In 1997, the CES was established as a 501 (c) (3) corporation upon the advice of AOS legal counsel following a major bequest to the Society by a Virgene Converse, a grateful patient of a member. This action was prompted by tax code realities that dictated that the AOS could receive no more than 33% of its income from investments.

As a public foundation, this corporation could not provide funds that could be considered as inuring to the benefit of officers and members, and it was therefore explicitly organized to operate exclusively to support and benefit the charitable, educational, and scientific purposes of the Society, including the funding of educational and/or scientific meetings, and the awarding of prizes.

The first action of the CES Board was taken at the May 18, 1997 Board meeting, at which time a decision to produce, publish, and distribute the Transactions of the AOS was made.

In October 1997, a decision was made to employ CES funds for educational travel grants and for partial funding of color plates for the Transactions.

In May, 1998, it was determined that the governing body of the AOS would be termed the "Council", the governing body of the CES, the "Board", and the governing body of the Knapp Fund, the "Trustees", but the same individuals would constitute all three entities. In addition a decision was made for the CES to pay appropriate proportional expenses for CES meetings held in conjunction with the AOS and for annual audits.

Later decisions by the Board provided for the CES to pay appropriate proportional expenses for management services and Executive Vice President and Editor salaries, website costs, and ad hoc committee meetings of the AOS. In addition, CES monies can be employed to fund the Poster Session at the annual meeting.

Download the CES Fund Bylaws

Document date: September 17, 2009