Current AOS Governance

Julia Haller


David Wilson

Executive Vice President / Editor

Emily Chew

Council Chair

David Wallace

Council Member

Mary Hartnett

Council Member

Peter Netland

Council Member

Jayne Weiss

Council Member

Committee on Programs

Carol Karp
M. Roy Wilson
Peter Hersh
Anne Hanneken

Committee on Theses

Janey Wiggs
David Huang
David Sarraf

Committee on Membership

Nicholas Volpe
Michele Lim
Tamara Fountain
Russell Van Gelder

Committee on Communications

Bennie Jeng
H. Nida Sen
Ron Adelman
Anat Galor
Nicholas Volpe

Committee on New Members

Amani Fawzi
Suzanne Freitag
Steven Gedde

Committee on Prizes

Richard Abbott
Douglas Koch
Jennifer Lim

Committee on Athletics

Woodford Van Meter
Frederick Fraunfelder

Committee on Emeritus

Thomas France


Ralph Eagle


Peter Netland

Committee on Audits

William Mieler
Preston Blomquist
David Wilson

Committee on Investments

Julia Haller
Emily Chew
David Wilson

Representative to the Pan American Association of Ophthalmologists (PAAO)

Eduardo Alfonso

Representative to the American College of Surgeons (ACS)

Bita Esmaeli

Representative to the American Orthoptic Council (AOC)

Kanwal Nischal
Steven Archer

Representative to the Council of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO)

Esen Akpek
Peter Netland

Representative to the Joint Commission on Allied Health in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO)

Teresa Chen

Representative to the Heed Ophthalmic Foundation (HOF)

David Wilson
Julia Haller