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Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society

Beginning in 2013: The Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society (TAOS) theses are now published on this web site in the order received, copy edited, formatted, reviewed and approved by the editor and author, usually starting in August. The TAOS frontmatter will continue to be published annually by December. Each year's theses will be published together in both PubMed and EBSCO when that year's cycle of editing, formatting, review and approval has been completed.

Volumes I, up to and including the previous completed volume are available at PubMed (Abstracts and links to full text) and at PubMed Central (full text). The date of publication in PubMed for years 2013 and later will be indicated. The last print edition of the Transactions was in 2004.

Articles may be searched by year at:

Articles may be searched by author or subject or title at:
or at

Volume CXIII (v.113)- 2015
Volume CXII (v.112)- 2014
Volume CXI (v.111)- 2013
Volume CX (v.110)- 2012
Volume CIX (v.109)- 2011
Volume CVIII (v.108)- 2010
Volume CVII (v.107)- 2009
Volume CVI (v.106)- 2008
Volume CV (v.105)- 2007
Volume CIV (v.104)- 2006
Volume CIII (v.103)- 2005

Volume CII (v.102)- 2004

Volume CI (v.101)- 2003

Volume C (v.100)- 2002

Volume XCIX (v.99)- 2001

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